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Belajar Bluecoat - Bluecoat Command Guide

Root privileged commands in BlueCoat

1:acquire-utc Acquire UTC from NTP server

1:bridge Clear bridge data
2:clear-statistics Clear bridge statistics

2:clear-fwtable Clear bridge forwarding table

1:cancel-upload Cancel a pending access log upload
2:all Cancel upload for all logs
2:log Cancel upload for a log

1:clear-arp Clear the ARP table

1:clear-cache Clear the contents of the cache
2:byte-cache Clear the Byte Cache
2:dns-cache Clear the DNS Cache
2:object-cache Clear the Object Cache

1:clear-errored-connections Clear historical errored connections
2:adn-inbound Clear the historical ADN inbound connections
2:bypassed Clear the historical bypassed connections
2:proxied Clear the historical proxied sessions

1:clear-statistics Clear statistics
2:authentication Clear Authentication Statistics
3:error Clear authentication error statistics
3:realm Clear authentication realm statistics

2:bandwidth-management Clear Bandwidth-Management Statistics
3:class Clear class Statistics

2:cifs Clear CIFS Statistics
2:default-service Clear the default service byte statistics
2:efficiency Clear Efficiency Statistics
2:epmapper Clear Endpoint Mapper Statistics
2:persistent Clear Persistent Statistics

2:quicktime Clear QuickTime Statistics
2:real-media Clear Real Media Statistics
2:windows-media Clear Windows Media Statistics

1:configure Enter configuration mode
2:terminal Configure from the terminal
2:network Configure from an HTTP network host

1:disable Turn off privileged commands

1:disk Perform disk related commands
2:offline Take a disk offline

2:reinitialize Reinitialize a disk

1:display Display a text based url

1:enable Turn on privileged commands

1:exit Exit command line interface

1:fips-mode Enable or disable FIPS mode (reinitializes system)
2:disable Disable FIPS mode
2:enable Enable FIPS mode

1:help Information on help

1:hide-advanced Disable commands for advanced subsystems
2:all Hide all advanced commands
2:expand Disable expanded commands

1:inline Install configurations from console input
2:accelerated-pac Install accelerated PAC file from console input

2:authentication-form Install an authentication form from console input
2:authentication-forms Install all authentication forms from console input

2:banner Configure the login banner for the telnet and SSH consoles
3:login Set multi-line login banner

2:exceptions Install exceptions from console input

2:forwarding Install forwarding settings from console input

2:icp-settings Install ICP settings from console input

2:license-key Install a license key from console input
3:force Force install license even if it is a license-downgrade

2:policy Install policy from console input
3:central Install central policy from console input

3:local Install local policy from console input

3:forward Install forward policy from console input

3:vpm Install VPM's CPL and XML policy from console input. This command is intended for Director use only.

3:vpm-cpl Install VPM's CPL policy from console input. This command is intended for Director use only.

3:vpm-xml Install VPM's XML policy from console input. This command is intended for Director use only.

2:rip-settings Install RIP settings from console input

2:socks-gateways Install SOCKS gateway settings from console input

2:static-route-table Install static route table from console input

2:wccp-settings Install WCCP settings from console input

1:kill Terminate a CLI session

1:licensing Licensing commands
2:request-key Retrieve the activated license-key from Bluecoat using the Blue Touch Online user ID and password
3:force Force install license even if it is a license-downgrade
[user ID] [password]
[user ID] [password]
2:update-key Update the license-key from Bluecoat now
3:force Force install license even if it is a license-downgrade
2:register-hardware Register hardware with Bluecoat
3:force Force hardware registration and license install even if it is a license-downgrade
[user ID] [password]
[user ID] [password]
2:mark-registered Mark the hardware registered manually
2:disable-trial Disable trial period
2:enable-trial Enable trial period

1:load Load installable lists or system upgrade image
2:accelerated-pac Download new PAC file
2:authentication-forms Download one authentication form or all new authentication forms

2:exceptions Download new exceptions
2:forwarding Download new forwarding settings
2:icp-settings Download new ICP settings
2:license-key Download new license-key
3:force Force install license even if it is a license-downgrade
2:policy Download new policy
3:central Download new central policy
3:local Download new local policy
3:forward Download new forward policy
3:vpm-cpl Download new vpm-cpl policy
3:vpm-xml Download new vpm-xml policy
2:proxy-client-software Download new ProxyClient software
2:rip-settings Download new RIP settings
2:socks-gateways Download new SOCKS gateway settings
2:static-route-table Download new static route table
2:timezone-database Download new time zone database
2:ui-update Download a UI update
2:upgrade Download new system image
3:ignore-warnings Ignore any upgrade warnings
2:wccp-settings Download new WCCP settings

1:pcap Packet capturing commands
2:filter Setup the current capture filter
[direction in|out|both] [interface |all] [expr ]
direction in|out|both filter only packets in specified direction(s)
interface |all filter only packets on specified interface(s)
expr capture packets matching the filter expression
no filtering, capture all packets

2:info Display current capture information
2:start Start the capture
[] [trunc ] [coreimage ]
buffering-method: {first|last} {{count }|{capsize }}
2:stop Stop the capture
2:transfer Transfer captured data to ftp site

1:ping Send echo messages

1:ping6 Send IPv6 echo messages

1:policy Policy commands
2:trace Specify default policy tracing level
3:all Trace all transactions by default
3:none No tracing except as specified in policy files
3:proxy-traffic Trace all proxy transactions by default

1:register-with-director Register with Director
[ []]

1:reset-ui Restore the Blue Coat Sky UI from the system image

1:restart Restart system
2:abrupt Reboot system abruptly, according to restart settings
2:regular Reboot system according to restart settings
2:upgrade Reboot system to start running new image

1:restore-sgos4-config Restore to settings last used with SGOS 4.x

1:restore-defaults Restore to default configuration
2:factory-defaults Reinitialize machine.
2:force Restore defaults without confirmation.
2:keep-console Restore defaults; Keep settings required for console access.
3:force Restore defaults without confirmation; Keep setting required for console access.

1:reveal-advanced Enable commands for advanced subsystems
2:all Reveal all advanced commands
2:expand Enable expanded commands

1:show Show running system information
2:accelerated-pac Accelerated PAC file
2:access-log Access log settings
3:log Show Access log configuration
4:brief Show Access log names

3:format Show Access log format configuration
4:brief Show Access log format names

3:statistics Show Access log statistics

3:default-logging Show Access log default policy
2:adn Application Delivery Network settings
3:byte-cache Show ADN byte-cache configuration
3:load-balancing Show ADN load-balancing configuration
3:manager Show ADN manager configuration
4:approved-peers Show approved-peers configuration
4:backup-manager-id Show retrieved device ID of backup manager
4:pending-peers Show pending-peers configuration
4:primary-manager-id Show retrieved device ID of primary manager
3:routing Show ADN routing configuration
4:advertise-internet-gateway Show advertise-internet-gateway configuration
4:server-subnets Show server subnets configuration
3:security Show ADN security configuration
3:status Show ADN status
3:tunnel Show ADN tunnel configuration
2:advanced-url Advanced url for statistics
[] Display statistics for the specified url and optional mode
2:appliance-name Appliance name
2:archive-configuration Archive configuration settings
2:attack-detection Attack-Detection settings
3:client Show client infomation
4:blocked Show clients blocked at the network
4:connections Show client connection table
4:statistics Show client request failure statistics
3:configuration Show attack detection configuration
3:server Show server information
4:statistics Show server connection failure statistics
2:arp-table ARP information
2:bandwidth-gain Bandwidth-gain settings
2:bandwidth-management Bandwidth-management settings
3:configuration Show bandwidth-management configuration
Show this class
3:statistics Show bandwidth-management statistics
Show stats this class
2:bridge Bridge information
3:configuration Show bridge configuration
3:statistics Show bridge statistics

3:fwtable Show bridge fwtable

2:caching Caching settings
2:cifs CIFS information
3:configuration Display CIFS configuration information
3:statistics Display CIFS statistics
2:clock Current time
2:commands Show available CLI commands
3:delimited List commands in a format for parsing
4:all List all commands available at current security level
4:privileged List only privileged commands (must be enabled)
3:formatted List commands in a format for viewing
4:all List all commands available at current security level
4:privileged List all privileged commands (must be enabled)
2:configuration Current configuration, as different from default
3:brief Show configuration without "inline" expansion
4:noprompts Show brief configuration without "--More--" prompts
3:expanded Show configuration with "inline" expansion
4:noprompts Show expanded configuration without "--More--" prompts
3:noprompts Show configuration without "--More--" prompts
3:post-setup Show configuration changes made after console setup
4:noprompts Show post-setup configuration without "--More--" prompts
2:connection-forwarding Connection forwarding settings
3:configuration Display connection forwarding configuration
3:statistics Display connection forwarding statistics
2:content Show content management commands
3:outstanding-requests Show outstanding distribute and revalidate requests.
4:deletes Show regex deletes in-progress
4:revalidates Show regex revalidates in-progress
4:priority Show regex priority commands in-progress
3:priority Show priority deletion policies.
4:regex Show priority deletion policy for regular expression.

4:url Show priority deletion policy for URL.

3:statistics Show content management statistics
3:url Show information for cached object.
2:content-distribution Sizes of objects in cache
2:content-filter Content filter settings
3:bluecoat Blue Coat Web Filter configuration
3:i-filter i-FILTER configuration
3:intersafe InterSafe configuration
3:iwf Internet Watch Foundation configuration
3:local Local database configuration
3:optenet Optenet configuration
3:proventia Proventia configuration
3:smartfilter SmartFilter configuration
3:surfcontrol SurfControl configuration
3:status Current configuration
3:websense Websense configuration
3:webwasher Webwasher configuration
2:cpu CPU usage summary
3:extended Show extended CPU usage
2:cpu-monitor Show the CPU Monitor results
2:diagnostics Remote diagnostics
3:configuration Show diagnostics settings
3:cpu-monitor Show the CPU Monitor results
3:service-info Show service-info settings
3:snapshot Show snapshot configuration

2:disk Disk status and information
or "all"
2:dns DNS servers and name imputing
2:dns-forwarding DNS servers and name imputing
2:download-paths Downloaded configuration paths
2:efficiency Efficiency statistics
2:epmapper Endpoint Mapper information
3:statistics Display Endpoint Mapper statistics
2:event-log Event log setting
3:configuration Show event log configuration
[start "[YYYY-mm-dd] [HH:MM:SS]"] [end "[YYYY-mm-dd] [HH:MM:SS]"] [substring | regex ]
2:exceptions Exception definitions
2:external-services External-services
3:statistics External-service statistics
2:failover Failover settings
3:configuration Show failover configuration
Show this group
3:statistics Show failover statistics
2:forwarding Forwarding settings
2:ftp FTP settings
2:general General settings
2:health-checks Health checks settings and statistics
3:configuration show health check configuration settings
3:quick-statistics show a summary of the health check statistics
3:statistics show health check statistics
2:http HTTP settings
2:http-stats HTTP statistics
2:icp-settings ICP settings
2:identd Identd settings
2:im IM information
3:configuration Display IM configuration information
3:aol-statistics Display AOL IM statistics
3:msn-statistics Display MSN IM statistics
3:yahoo-statistics Display Yahoo IM statistics
2:installed-systems Installed appliance systems
2:interface Interface status and configuration
3:all Show all ethernet interfaces
Show this interface
2:ipv6 IPv6 configuration
2:ip-default-gateway Default IP gateway
2:ip-route-table Route table information
2:ip-stats TCP/IP statistics
3:all All TCP/IP statistics
3:interface Interface statistics
4:all Show stats for all interfaces
Show stats for this interface
3:ip IP specific statistics
3:memory TCP/IP memory statistics
3:summary TCP/IP summary statistics
3:tcp TCP specific statistics
3:udp UDP specific statistics
2:licenses Product's license information
2:management-services Information about management services
2:mapi MAPI settings
2:netbios Netbios settings
2:ntp NTP servers and information
2:p2p Peer-to-peer information
3:statistics Display Peer-to-peer statistics
2:policy Current policy
3:listing Results of policy load
3:order Policy evaluation order
3:proxy-default Proxy default policy
2:private-network Private Network information
2:profile System profile
2:proxy-client ProxyClient settings
3:acceleration Show ProxyClient Acceleration settings
4:adn Show ProxyClient Application Delivery Network settings
5:exclude-subnets Show ProxyClient ADN excluded subnets
4:cifs Show ProxyClient CIFS settings
3:clients Show current connected clients
3:locations Show Location settings
3:web-filtering Show Web-Filtering settings
2:proxy-services Information about proxy services
3:dynamic-bypass Show dynamic bypass information
4:configuration Show the dynamic bypass configuration
4:filter Show filtered dynamic bypass list
3:restricted-intercept Show restricted intercept information
4:filter Show filtered restricted intercept list
3:services Show list of services
4:bypass Show services containing a bypass action
4:default Show the default service settings
5:configuration Show default service configuration
5:statistics Show default service destination port byte stats

4:intercept Show services containing an intercept action
4:name Show services with name substring match

4:proxy Show services using a specific proxy

3:static-bypass Show static bypass information
4:filter Show filtered bypass list
2:realms Security realms
2:reflect-client-ip Client IP reflection
2:resources Allocation of system resources
2:restart System restart settings
2:return-to-sender "Return to sender" settings
2:rip RIP settings
3:default-route RIP default route configurations
3:parameters RIP parameters and configuration
3:routes RIP routes
3:statistics RIP statistics
2:security Security parameters
3:authentication-errors Authentication errors
3:authentication-forms Authentication forms

3:local-user-list Local user list

3:local-user-list-group Group in local user list

3:local-user-list-user User in local user list

2:services Information about services
2:service-groups Proxy service groups
3:group Show details about a service group

2:sessions Information about CLI connections
2:session-monitor Session monitor
2:shell Shell proxy settings
2:snmp SNMP configuration
3:communities show SNMPv1-SNMPv2c community configuration settings
3:users show SNMPv3 user configuration settings
2:socks-gateways SOCKS gateway settings
2:socks-machine-id Machine id for SOCKS
2:socks-proxy SOCKS proxy settings
2:sources Source listings for installable lists
3:authentication-form Show source file for an authentication form

3:crl Show source file for a CRL

3:exceptions Show source file for exceptions
3:forwarding Show source file for forwarding settings
3:icp-settings Show source file for ICP settings
3:license-key Show source file for the license-key
3:policy Show source file for policy
4:central Show source file for central policy
4:local Show source file for local policy
4:forward Show source file for forward policy
4:vpm-cpl Show source file for VPM CPL policy
4:vpm-xml Show source file for VPM XML policy
3:rip-settings Show source file for RIP settings
3:socks-gateways Show source file for SOCKS gateway settings
3:static-route-table Show source file for static route table
3:wccp-settings Show source file for WCCP settings
2:ssh-console SSH settings
3:client-key View client key fingerprint

3:director-client-key View director's client keys

3:host-public-key View host public key
4:sshv1 View sshv1 host public key
4:sshv2 View sshv2 host public key
3:sshv2-welcome-banner View SSH V2 welcome banner
3:user-list View list of users with imported rsa client keys
3:versions-enabled View which SSH version(s) is enabled
2:ssl SSL settings
3:appliance-certificate-request Show appliance certificate signing request
3:ca-certificate Show CA certificate configuration

3:ccl Show CA certificate lists configuration
: Show summary of all CA certificates in this list
3:certificate Show certificate configuration

3:crl View crl

3:external-certificate Show external certificate configuration

3:keypair Show key pair configuration
4:aes128 Show AES-128 encrypted key pair
4:aes256 Show AES-256 encrypted key pair
4:des Show DES encrypted key pair
4:des3 Show DES3 encrypted key pair
4:unencrypted Show unencrypted key pair

Show unencrypted key pair
3:keyring Show keyring configuration

3:ocsp Show SSL OCSP configuration
3:proxy Show SSL proxy configuration
3:signing-request Show certificate signing request configuration

3:ssl-client Show SSL client configuration
: Show information about this ssl-client
3:ssl-device-profile Show SSL device profile
: Show information about this profile
3:ssl-nego-timeout Show SSL negotiation timeout configuration
3:summary Show SSL summary information
4:ca-certificate Show summary of CA certificates

4:crl Show summary local crls
Show summary for this crl id
4:external-certificate Show summary of external certificates

2:static-routes Static route table information
2:status Current system status
3:xml Show output in xml format
2:streaming Streaming information
3:windows-media Show Windows Media streaming
4:configuration Display Windows Media configuration information
4:statistics Display Windows Media statistical information
3:real-media Show Real Media streaming
4:configuration Display Real Media configuration information
4:statistics Display Real Media statistical information
3:quicktime Show QuickTime streaming
4:configuration Display QuickTime configuration information
4:statistics Display QuickTime statistical information
3:configuration Show streaming configuration
3:statistics Show streaming statistics
2:system-resource-metrics System Resource Metrics
3:xml Show output in xml format
4:brief Show brief output in xml format
4:since Show output if changed

2:tcp-ip TCP-IP settings
2:terminal Terminal configuration parameters
2:timezones Local timezones supported
or Show supported time zone
2:trust-destination-ip Trust destination IP
2:ui UI update settings
2:user-overflow-action User Overflow Action
2:version System hardware and software status
2:virtual-ip Virtual IP addresses
2:wccp WCCP configuration
3:configuration WCCP configuration
3:statistics WCCP statistics
3:status WCCP status
2:xml-config Registry settings

1:static-route Manage static route entries

1:temporary-route Manage temporary route entries
2:add Add a temporary route entry

2:delete Delete a temporary route entry
/ []

1:test Test subsystems
2:adn Test ADN by connecting to a server

2:dns Test DNS by connecting to a server
[ipv4|ipv6] [DNS server IP] [bypass-cache]
2:http Test HTTP subsystem
3:get Get HTTP object

3:loopback Perform loopback test

1:traceroute Trace route to destination

1:upload Upload access log or running configuration
2:access-log Upload access log to configured host
3:all Upload all logs
3:log Upload log

2:configuration Upload running configuration to configured host

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